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Did Mr Darcy do it? Murder sequel to Pride and Prejudice

  • James writes Pride and Prejudice sequel
  • Novel set six years after Elizabeth, Darcy marry
  • Lydia Wickham claims husband murdered
Elizabeth and Mr Darcy - now world-class detectives. Picture: File Source:

IT IS a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a bloody knife must be the killer.
Pride and Prejudice six years later sees Elizabeth and Mr Darcy married with two children - and investigating a murder?
That's how crime novelist P.D. James imagines the sequel to Jane Austen's classic novel.
James, who is best known for her series of detective novels featuring Adam Dalgliesh, has Elizabeth on the trail of a killer in her new novel Death Comes to Pemberley.
The Darcy's perfect world is disturbed when Lydia Wickham, Elizabeth's youngest sister, appears on the eve of the autumn ball screaming that her husband has been murdered.
James, spent two years researching and writing the novel, said: "I have to apologise to Jane Austen for involving her beloved Elizabeth in a murder investigation but this fusion of my two enthusiasms - for the novels of Jane Austen and for writing detective stories - has given me great pleasure which I hope will be shared by my readers."
He said that James had for many years "had in her mind that Pride and Prejudice has some unresolved questions."
Austen's novel has inspired many sequels, including a zombie-themed adventure and one featuring the creatures from the movie Predator.

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