Saturday, October 08, 2011

Another Steve Jobs Book Aims To Accelerate Publication By One Month

A book consisting entirely of quotes from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is being sped to market as much as a month ahead of schedule to meet demand following Jobs’ Oct. 5 passing. The accelerated schedule mirrors that of other, higher-profile Jobs books also in the works, such as Jobs’ official biography by journalist Walter Isaacson. Publisher Simon & Schuster has said that Isaacson’s much-anticipated book, Steve Jobs: A Biography, will now be published on Oct. 24, up from Nov. 21.

The quotes book is a much simpler, unauthorized project that pulls together about 200 quotes from Jobs’ interviews and public appearances over the years. Called I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words, it was originally set to publish in March 2012. When Jobs resigned as Chief Executive of Apple, the publisher, Agate Publishing, moved publication up to Nov. 15, 2011. Now Illinois-based Agate is working to get the book to stores by the end of next week or the following week, which would be several weeks to a month earlier than the already-amended publication date.
“We’re doing everything we can to rush the book,” said Agate President Doug Seibold in an interview. I, Steve’s 160 pages are complete. The next steps lie in the hands of the book’s printer and distributor: laminating the book’s cover, which features a color photo of Jobs, binding the book, shipping it to warehouses and, finally, delivering it to stores.
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