Sunday, April 20, 2008

THE ROAD TO CASTLE HILL - A High Country Love Story
Christine Fernyhough with Louise Callan
Photography by John Bougen - Random House

To say that Chrstine Fernyhough is a remarkable woman is a huge understatement.
What she has achieved in the past 15 years, first with Books in Homes and then the Gifted Kids Programme for high achieving kids in low decile schools and since 2004 buying the famous Castle Hill Station near Porters Pass in Canterbury and becoming a successful farmer, is way, way beyond remarkable.

She is an amazingly energetic, wise, warm and generous woman and her book, written with Louise Callan, is both a joy and an inspiration and I’m not surprised to learn from her publishers that it is already in its fourth printing. It has dominated the New Zealand non-fiction bestseller list since publication in late 2007 and I for one will be astonished if it is not shortlisted for the Montana NZ Book Awards.

She tells her story with candour, warmth and humour. Her achievements have not been easy, far from it, but through it all her determination, her skills, (formidable networking ability being among them), and her total commitment to anything she takes on, have won through.
This book is a stunning and inspiring read which I warmly recommend to all, men and women, young, old and in between. Congratulations Christine.

Oh, and I should have mentioned that it is prolifically illustrated with truly wonderful colour pics by ace photographer John Bougen, a man who now plays a major part in Christine’s life.

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