Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A snippet from the always interesting Ibookcollector. This from issue # 109
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British Library and 'Crowd Control'

Recent reports in the British press have highlighted current problems in the British Library reading rooms. Apparently there are too many students using the facilities and regular - well established authors - are having to queue or hunt for a desk space. And the cloakroom facilities are also causing problems.

The British Library has become the 'place' to meet for students, who are accused of using the Library as a place to socialise rather than using the books in the Library.
Perhaps we are too cynical, but we wonder if the fact that the Library's directors receive performance bonuses depending on the number of visits has any bearing on the matter.
On a recent visit we also found the compulsory 'check-in' facilities badly organised and the staff rather rude!
It wouldn't happen at the Bodleian Library.

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