Monday, January 18, 2016

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Monday 18 January

  • The Rio Olympics Neighbourhood Watch, a community group set up to address the negative impact hosting the 2016 Games is having on the local population, including forced evictions and police violence.
  • Otago University bookshop's Philippa Duffy on bookshop revival
  • Conspiracy theories. Rob Brotherton is a psychology professor at Barnard College in New York and in his recent book, Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories, he seeks not to debunk or support conspiracy theories .. but to understand what about them is so attractive to people.
  • Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney
    • Jennifer Flay, director of Paris art fair FIAC, which she transformed into one of the best in the world.
    • Book review: Ralph McAllister on his top picks of  2015
    • Reading: Now & Then by David Hill read by Nick Blake (Part 1 of 5)          
    • Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills.
    • The latest Star Wars film is inspiring UK Chef, Andy Kelly to put his 'Jedi' art and culinary skills to good use with themed desserts.
    • Outdoorsman Kennedy Warne

    Tuesday 19 January

    • James B. Smith, a former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (from 2009 to 2013) examines the diplomatic fallout of the feud between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    • New Zealand's leading cause of death is coronary heart disease. Nick Smith from the University of Auckland is working with research teams in the UK, to build cutting edge computer models of heart patients' blood flow before surgery to help save lives and reduce unnecessary operations.  
    • US correspondent Susan Milligan
    • Singer and activist, Archie Roach was forcibly removed from his family as part of the Stolen Generation of Aboriginal children and it was his popular song 'Took The Children Away' which brought the story of the Stolen Generations to a broad Australian audience. 
    • Book Review: Elisabeth Easther on her top picks of 2015
    • Reading: Now & Then by David Hill read by Nick Blake (Part 2 of 5)
    • Rod Oram on business.
    • Larissa Dubecki is a former waitress, now a food writer and critic based in Melbourne. She dishes the dirt on restaurant kitchens in Australia.
    • Media commentator Gavin Ellis

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