Friday, January 15, 2016

A Eulogy to David Bowie

How Typical of You
(A Eulogy to David Bowie)

Leaving us, you left us with yet another enigmatic riddle
Lazarus, the poor beggar who Christ brought back to life
Riding your Darkstar through Heaven & Hell to the middle
The Androgonine Genie who took Aman to be his wife 

Through the mind of Ziggy you wanted us to see Soul
Love and how destructive selfish love could become
But from the other side of the wall a different story told
Where my lover cried out that the Dolphins have swum

Maybe the Laughing Gnome still taunts us with Ha Ha, He He
As the children of Syria and Iraq eat Camel Shit off the wall
While the Diamond Dogs of War look to recruit and kill them

Through the Eye of the Richman’s Needle you could see
The man who fell to earth cried out, Lets Dance, then sold it all
Perhaps, as the Starman indicated, all will be well in the end

Michael O’Leary

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