Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Industries, One Job Market: Book Translation in the US vs. UK

Today's Feature:
Lower rates and a lack of royalties make the US a less appealing market than the UK for translators, but there are some advantages and work is crossing the Atlantic.
In France, the government will add €5 million in funding to help indie bookstores in the form of tax breaks, interest-free loans and stronger enforcement of fixed price laws.
More News from PP:
Online magazine Words Without Borders has created the James H. Ottaway, Jr. Award which honors an individual for the promotion of international literature.
Publishing Perspectives’ epic examination of the complete plays of William Shakespeare, The Play's the Thing, begins its reading of Measure for Measure. Join us.
From the Archives:
Not everyone can become a polyglot, so we still need translators — but the two treat the fact that all humans don’t speak the same language very differently.

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