Monday, February 11, 2013

Get Your Icebergs on Your iPad – best-selling Antarctica guide goes digital

Tourists travelling to Antarctica by cruise ship or other vessel can now download Awa Press’s best-selling Antarctica Cruising Guide on to their iPad, iPhone or computer.

Written by New Zealand scientists and Antarctic specialists Peter Carey and Craig Franklin, Antarctica Cruising Guide is available worldwide. (For New Zealand, go to  

Publisher Mary Varnham says there’s been strong demand for an electronic edition of the popular book. ‘Countless people are taking their iPads, smartphones and laptops on holiday with them and want the convenience of being able to download travel guides.’

Originally published in 2006, the stunning full-colour book, which regularly outsells Lonely Planet’s Antarctica guide on Amazon, was expanded in 2009 to include the Ross Sea and Ice Shelf (the places most visited by New Zealand and Australian travellers), Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and historic Scott and Shackleton huts.

It includes fascinating accounts of Antarctic locations and landscapes, and of local plants, birds and other wildlife – from penguins to whales, seals, fish and even insects.

The authors, both avid conservationists, pay special attention to explaining the threats to the Antarctic environment, including global warming and species loss, and provide tips on how visitors can minimise their impact and so help preserve the continent.

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