Monday, February 11, 2013

Coastal Fishes of New Zealand

Craig Potton Publishing has published Coastal Fishes of New Zealand ($45). A comprehensive, informative and up-to-date identification guide to the fishes likely to be encountered by New Zealand divers and fishers.

Featuring 221 species of fish and packed with over 275 superb colour photographs of live fish in their natural habitats this book includes all of New Zealand’s common reef fishes. The author, marine scientist Malcolm Francis, has also included the latest research and provided a wealth of other information about identifying features, geographical distribution, habitat and biological features, such as feeding, growth, spawning and behaviour.

About the Author

Malcolm Francis is a Principal Scientist at the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere Research in Wellington.
 He has been the author of four editions of Coastal Fishes of New Zealand, and co-authored Sharks and Rays of NewZealand, and the award winning The Living Reef: The Ecology of New Zealand’s Rocky Reefs.

 Golden Snapper
 Sea Perch

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