Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From the Facebook page of NZ author Paddy Richardson

  • I keep being pulled back to the Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine writing combination. Of course they're the same writer but Vine is darker with wonderfully complex characters and twisty plots.
    Last week I read 'A Judgement in Stone' which takes what I think is a huge risk by telling you right at the beginning that a family has been murdered and who did it and then sets about demonstrating how it happened. But it works-you get so caught up in the novel that by the end you are desperately hoping this is a trick and everyone will be somehow saved.
    Good writing, wonderfully crafted, memorable characters.

    Many thanks Paddy. I am an admirer pf her writing under both names. I have added a pic of the cover of the first edition published back in 1977.

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