Saturday, December 08, 2012

We Love This Book

Author Henriette Gyland recalls how a terrifying experience inspired her novel

"When I was 12, we borrowed my uncle's beach cottage on the coast of Northern Denmark, something we often did in the holidays. I'd only just learned to swim properly and was desperate to go in the water to test my new-found skills, but my dad insisted that I waited until he had time to come with me. 'The sea is completely flat!' I protested. 'There's still a strong undercurrent,' he warned. 'You'll have to wait.' In the end I grabbed my beach towel and sneaked off down to the water on my own, wincing at the way the gravel on the lane leading to the beach dug into my bare feet. But I was determined..."

Make this festive appetiser for a festive dinner party with friends

Camembert parcels (serves 4)

200g Camembert cheese
100g shelled walnuts
1 bunch of fresh chives
1 lemon
4 large sheets of filo pastry
(from a 270g pack)
1 tsp olive oil

Cranberry sauce
75g dried cranberries
1 pinch of ground cloves
½ tsp ground ginger
125ml port 

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