Trajectory, a Cambridge, Mass. e-publishing technology and distribution vendor, is releasing the Trajectory Classics App and relaunching its iconic line of Classics Illustrated digital comics as an app through the Apple app store. The Trajectory Classics App offers the original full color comics for $3.99 and $1.99 for Classics Illustrated Junior issues via in-app purchase, in addition to offering free previews and a new navigation system.

Trajectory acquired the digital rights to the Classic Illustrated Comics, the well-known series of comic books adaptations of classic literature originally founded by Albert Kanter in 1941, and released the series as e-books earlier this year, available through iTunes. The series has about 123 titles and includes such classics as Snow White, Hamlet, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Alice in Wonderland. Trajectory is also collaborating with digital distributor iVerse Media to deliver the series across all device platforms.

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