Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Edna O'Brien interview - 'You have to be lonely to be a writer' - video

More than half a century after scandalising the world with her taboo-breaking novel The Country Girls, the Irish writer Edna O'Brien is still going strong. As her memoir Country Girl is published, she speaks to Jane Martinson about her 'Mata Hari' reputation, celebrity dinner party guests such as Judy Garland and Sean Connery, how much harder her memoir was to write than her novels, and why she has always embraced her own loneliness.


Keri Hulme said...

NO! You dont have to be lonely (as a member of a very large whanau, I never feel that!) BUT - you do, in my experience - feel slightly outside everyday* human *experience.
So: some of what you write is trying to explain how outsiders experience life...or how insiders try to explain about outsiders-
this never applies to crime or romantic fiction writers!

Keri Hulme said...

What a load of crap!
OK, I am very sure some writers are lonely.
That is sad.
Most of us lead rather ordinary lives (involved with family & friends, if not with lovers or especial pets or whatever.)
Yet another case of an artist-in-words thinking themselves *rilly rilly special (snivel pity me)*