Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dear Heart - 150 New Zealand Love Poems - A collection of New Zealand’s finest love poems

I wrote about this very special collection back on 13 March and now I note that publication date is tomorrow so here for your pleasure are couple more Dear Heart poems.

— J C Sturm

for Jim

My dear one
And only dear
My moonrise
And early morning sun

When the time comes
Will you light my way
Through the dreaded fog
Of Hine-nui-te-po

And bring me safe
To that bright place
(I believe —
I swear I believe)
Where we may be together
Again, for ever.

— Rhian Gallagher

Close in and distant, you had me.
Whichever way you moved
I was swept, arrested.

Between the stay of home
and flight, our poise,
our muddled disarray.

In greys of London light
mid-passage, on our walks
across Brooklyn Bridge

between one country and another
two zones to every hour.
Body into body, that fit,

between the letting go and hold,
your hand all night upon my hip.

The book contains some special small pieces of art along with the poems of which the above piece is an example, this from Sam Mitchell.

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