Sunday, October 16, 2011

Women’s Bookshop - The Annual Ladies Litera-Tea

Another sell-out event,last Sunday's the Women’s Bookshop Ladies Litera-Tea was the ‘best-ever’ according to one customer. A fabulous venue, stimulating authors and a scrumptious afternoon tea made a perfect Sunday afternoon, away from the event-that shall-not-be-named. 

Sue Orr’s short stories From Under the Overcoat sold out as did Purple Dandelion co-authored by Farida Sultana & Shila Nair. One of the first female chef apprentices in New Zealand in the 80s, Judith Tabron (The Soul Cookbook) took time out from the bustling Soul Bar in the Viaduct. 
Alexa Johnston was hilarious talking of jelly in Pudding. Emma Neale was brilliant comparing her poems about ogres and the yeti-like character in Fosterling. Dame Anne Salmond and Dame Fiona Kidman were both gracious and delightful. Halfie, a cheeky, plucky ‘coin boy’ in Hokitika Town, was brought to life by Charlotte Randall. ‘Wombat’ was the title Margaret Pope wanted to give her book about David Lange, it ended up being At the Turning Point. Wombat was the answer Lange gave when asked by a journalist, ‘Prime Minister, a word’. 
Lynn Jenner read from her poetry Dear Sweet Harry. Atka Reid & Hana Schofield managed to charm even whilst describing the trauma of war in Goodbye Sarajevo. And the bookstall went wild but only after everyone had their fill of lamingtons and asparagus rolls.

Photos above:
  1. Delicious afternoon tea
  2. L to R: Shila Nair, Margaret Pope, Sue Orr, Emma Neale, Carole Beu, Lynn Jenner, Charlotte Randall, Anne Salmond, Fiona Kidman, Alexa Johnston and Farida Sultana.
  3. Hana Schofield & Atka Reid of Goodbye Sarajevo
  4. Dame Fiona Kidman signing
  5. Farida Sultana & Shila Nair of Purple Dandelion
  6. Margaret Pope on stage speaking
  7. After tea & cake it was time to check out the books. Sell out books included Sue Orr’s From Under the Overcoat and Farida Sultana & Shila Nair’s Purple Dandelion.

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