Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Poem hosts Irish NZ poet Majella Cullinane

 This week Wellington poet Tim Jones who's celebrating the launch of his latest collection Men Briefly Explains, introduces and explains a new woman poet who's emigrated from Ireland to live in NZ: Majella Cullinane.
 The poem he chose of hers was 'The Force of Things', from her debut collection Guarding the Flame.

"I had a hard time deciding which of them to ask Majella for permission to publish as a Tuesday Poem, but I kept coming back to "The Force of Things". I like the way it takes the images of the natural world that recur through the collection and makes them both intimate and ominous. Restlesness without and restlessness within...

The poems in Guarding the Flame cover the poet's old life in Ireland, her new life in New Zealand, and the transition between the two. It's well worth reading if you like Irish poetry or New Zealand poetry - or if you just like poetry."

And after reading Cullinane - there are a host of Tuesday Poets in the sidebar of the blog with a range of poems posted on a Tuesday - by themselves and other poets they admire. Check it out.

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