Friday, October 07, 2011

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill: 8 October 2011 - Radio NZ National

8:15 Tom Keneally: famine
9:05 Costas Panayotakis: youth in revolt 9:30 Niki Harre: psychology and sustainability
10:05 Playing Favourites with Mikee Tucker
11:05 Tony Parker: design excellence
11:40 Kate De Goldi: literary touring

Producer: Mark Cubey
Wellington engineer: Tony Schwartz
Auckland engineer: Ian Gordon

8:15 Tom Keneally
Tom Keneally (left, Courier Mail), was awarded the Order of Australia in 1983 for his services to that country's literature. He has been short-listed for the Booker Prize four times, and won the 1982 Booker Prize with Schindler's Ark. His recent book, Three Famines: Starvation and Politics (Knopf), looks at Ireland, Bengal and Ethiopia, and the second volume of his history of Australia, Eureka and the Diggers (Allen & Unwin, ISBN: 9781742374482), will be published at the end of this month.

9:05 Costas Panayotakis
Costas Panayotakis is associate professor of sociology at the New York City College of Technology and author of the forthcoming book, Remaking Scarcity: From Capitalist Inefficiency to Economic Democracy (Pluto Press, ISBN: 9780745330990).

9:30 Niki Harre
Niki Harre is Deputy Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Auckland. Her new book is Psychology for a Better World: Strategies to Inspire Sustainability (ISBN: 978-0-473-19304-1)

10:05 Playing Favourites with Mikee Tucker 
Mikee Tucker is the founder of record label LOOP Recording Aot(ear)oa, which this year celebrates its ten-year anniversary. He is the executive producer of the concert show Fly My Pretties IV, which is touring to Dunedin (The Regent, 29 October), Christchurch ( Geo Dome, Hagley Park, 30-31 Oct) , Melbourne (The Athenaeum, 5 November), Auckland (Mercury Theatre: Thurs 10-12 November), and Wellington (St James Theatre, 19 November).

11:05 Tony Parker
Professor Tony Parker is Associate Pro Vice Chancellor of the College of Creative Arts at Massey University in Wellington and president of the Designers Institute of New Zealand. He is one of New Zealand's top industrial designers, and convened the product judges at this year's Best Design Awards (7 October). Among other awards, Tony won the Concept/Experimental Category at the 2005 Design Awards for the Hulme supercar.

11:40 Kate De Goldi
Kate De Goldi is the author of a number of books, including The 10pm Question which has won the 2011 Corine International Book Prize Young Readers Award (a German prize for excellent literary achievements and their recognition by the public). Kate has just returned from the UK, where she has been speaking at the Edinburgh Festival and researching for a book on children's literature.

Saturday Morning repeats:

On Saturday 8 October August 2011 during Great Encounters between 6:06pm and 7:00pm on Radio New Zealand National, you can hear a repeat broadcast of Kim Hill's interview from 1 October with Duncan Watts, author of Everything is Obvious.

Preview: Saturday 15 October

Kim Hill's guests will include mountaineer Pat Deavoll, conceptual artist Chris Guise, and Kate Camp at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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