Thursday, October 06, 2011

Reacher does the business Down Under - again !

No surprises here, but Random House’s latest Lee Child thriller, The Affair,  has shot straight to number one on the ‘International  Fiction (Adult) Chart’ in just three days of sales.

"We brought in 35,000 copies and such is the demand, that more stock from across the ditch is due in shortly" says Random publicist, Jennifer Balle.

Enthusiastic reviews are also starting to roll in. A particularly gratifying one Balle says has been from the Nelson Mail. In her review, Jessica Le Bas said that she’d tried to read Reacher but he hadn’t really grabbed her. She said she was determined to give Jack another go and “bingo, it’s a blast – a great read.” She wrapped up by saying: “If you’ve not met Jack Reacher before, start here.”

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