Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Possible strikes threaten to disrupt Frankfurt flights

Delegates flying to the Frankfurt Book Fair this week could face delays, as the prospect of a strike by German air traffic controllers looms.
Contract negotiations with German air traffic controllers have collapsed, with a vote on possible strike action expected, and many of the country's airports' ground-handling personnel are expected to attend union-organised meetings today [10th October].
Ten airports, including Frankfurt, could be affected by delays due to the meetings, reports Deutsche Welle with around 80% of ground-handling staff at Frankfurt airport expected to participate in the employee meeting.
After the collapse of negotiations on wages and work conditions failed on Friday, the air traffic controllers, following a three-day grace period which expires today, can walk off the job at any time.
The meeting on Friday was the fourth attempt to resolve the dispute. If strike action went ahead, it would be the first such industrial action in modern German history.

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