Friday, October 07, 2011

Migrating to Digital Publishing? Answers from the Experts

Publishing Perspectives
Top tips from the professionals at Open Road Media, Cambridge University Press, and other publishers who have been through the process.
It's important to “future proof” your content as much as possible, and the current thinking is that an open-format, multiple-platform workflow, such as an XML workflow, is the way to go.


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Gordon Dryden said...

Auckland publisher/author Gordon Dryden asks a question:

Good article but a follow-up personal issue and query. The world now has more than 5 billion mobile phones: 916 million in China alone, and almost 70% of their owners access the Internet from their mobiles. The world's population will reach 7 billion by the end of this month. Many countries already have more mobile phones than people. And smart-phones (multimedia computers in your pocket) are the fastest-rising market segment. So one publishing challenge is how to present non-fiction information online so it uses the features of multimedia publishing (mainly video, but also photo and animations) so that it can be viewed (in one format) on smartphones, (on another) on iPads and similar tablet digital-video/eBooks (touch a photo and it morphs into an action video)? I suspect the first publihsing genre to make a 100% change will be sporting biographies. Who wants merely to read printed biographies of leading sporting stars, with only a few photos, when his or her life story can be told in well-stored and edited video-clips, interspersed with real-life videos? Who has some model layouts that combine smartphone presentations with iPads? Especially as the video-interview with the retiring star can have a separate how-to segment, to be sold as a separate app? Is anyone else working on this concept? Or has anyone got Steve Job’s new email address in the Cloud?