Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Highlight of the Words on a Small Island The Waiheke Book Festival 2011

Highlight of the Words on a Small Island The Waiheke  Book Festival  2011 is the
Sunday Lunch with Peta Mathias (above-photo by Emma Bass) and her new book hot off the press Beat Till Stiff
plus Michael Smythe and his new book New Zealand by Design
at Mudbrick Vineyard Restaurant  - Sunday 6 November  11.30AM
For information, to register and book online visit

bout Peta Mathias:
Peta Mathias is a respected and prolific author, chef, broadcaster and television presenter. She also somehow finds time each year to run very popular culinary adventures to Morocco, the South of France and India, intended for travellers who love to cook.
Peta has written ten books about food and travel and presented the prime time television food and travel show Taste New Zealand for twelve years. She now has her own television production company, Red Head Media, making food/travel television.
Beat Till Stiff is the third in Peta’s hugely popular series delving into self-help and relationships, following in the footsteps of bestsellers Can We Help it if We’re Fabulous? (Penguin, 2008) and Just in Time to be Too Late (Penguin, 2009).

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