Monday, October 03, 2011

Funeral director tells more

Chris Mann - $26.95

After the success two years ago of his first book, SIX FEET DOWN UNDER, Chris Mann returns with further stories from his experiences while working in the funeral industry.
Unlike his first book, this is not an autobiography, but it follows similar themes and stories. For those of you who enjoyed Chris’s writing style, humour and interesting memoirs, you will not be disappointed with this latest and final edition. In this book, Chris continues to talk about his involvement at serious situations, such as motor vehicle crashes and suicide, through to a lighter hearted look at moments, such as speeding hearses and falling caskets.
In this new book, Chris also answers 50 common questions about the funeral industry, such as:- Why do funeral directors charge so much?- Do you have to be embalmed?- Why are pacemakers removed from a body?- Is it true a body sits up when cremated?- Can we bury Dad in the back lawn?

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