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Masterchef into the frying pan
By Rebecca Lewis in the Herald on Sunday
 Sunday Aug 8, 2010 

Brett McGregor is pursuing a career in food. Photo / Herald on Sunday

Brett McGregor has quit teaching - and this time it's for good. The Masterchef New Zealand winner finally gave in to the urge to pursue a full-time career in food and resigned from Christchurch's Branston Intermediate recently.
He managed to keep his decision quiet - despite "freaking out" about it - and wrapped up his last day as the deputy principal on Thursday.
Talking to the Herald on Sunday, McGregor said he was "sitting on the couch" and relaxing, something he had not done for months.
"It's nice kicking back, it's not something I get to do very often. But yes, I've done it ... and now I'm freaking out."Someone texted me the other day and said if I wanted a career in food then I have to be prepared to be poor."
McGregor won the Masterchef title in April, beating Kelly Young in a nail-biting final.
Despite finishing as runner-up, Young was immediately offered a chef position at judge Simon Gault's top Auckland restaurant Euro, while McGregor decided to head back to his teaching job.

So far, he has made numerous public and media appearances, filmed a couple of yet-to-be-released commercials and worked hard to get his cookbook - part of the prize deal from the show - finished by the end of this month.
He is also starting a "blokes cooking class" next Thursday and is in talks about setting up his own cooking and travelling TV show.
While he can't say too much about it, he reveals the show will most likely follow the same lines as his book, which showcases dishes from around the world that he then adapts, McGregor-style.

Full story at Herald on Sunday.

Random House NZ expect to publish Brett's book in April 2011 while MasterChef NZ - The Cookbook is expected next month.

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