Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two very special, limited edition, finely printed, beautifully published titles

From The Holloway Press at the University of Auckland and The Gumtree Press at Port Chalmers in Otago come two very beautifully and lovingly crafted books. The care taken in their production and the limited nature of their print runs mean they are comparatively expensive and likely to end up in the hands of true book collectors.
The RRP for Dear Charles Dear Janet is NZ$250 while for Renato Curcio it is NZ$150. A total number of 150 copies of the former title have been printed while the edition of the second is a mere 60 copies.

I wrote earlier about The Holloway Press title which is being launched in Auckland this evening.

for Renato Curcio was published earlier this year and full details and availability are available from:

The book features the poetry of Robert McLean a Christchurch writer and musician who is featured in the latest edition of Poetry New Zealand .

Rob Lamb of the Gumtree Press is a journeyman letterpress compositor and printer with a private press specializing in limited editions. He works with handset lead type and two ARAB platen printing presses, circa 1897/9 a Foolscap Folio (A4) and Crown Folio (A3).

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