Friday, July 30, 2010

Page & Blackmore Booksellers have just announced their winning National Poetry Day Competition 2010 entry

The challenge this year was to include all three New Zealand Post Book Award poetry finalists in the poem.
The winner of our competition is: Lindsay Pope for his entry Dunedin, 1956.
Congratulations Lindsay!
Judge Rachel Bush said " I love the way imagery of butchers, knives and flesh builds up a mood in these 11 lines".
Dunedin, 1956

I remember it was Princes Street -
the neon pigs were dancing a butcher's jig -
the day we brought father home,
in the lustre jug that the man,
pink-faced as ham, handed to my Mum.
The day was vague as drizzle
but I recall just this. The flesh-red tram
trembling to a stop, the leather strops swaying,
clambering onto wooden seats
as the tram conductor's blue cap lifted
and mother steeling herself against life's blunt edge.

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