Saturday, July 24, 2010

Digital Shockwave: How Millions of Dollars and the Survival of the Publishing Industry are at Stake

"If the print revenue that publishers reap through backlist sales--or can expect via digital editions from recent or future publications--is drastically reduced or lost in whole, it could bring forth a seismic shift in the way the industry does business, and will drastically affect the bottom line of every publisher. My hope is that digital progress will encourage younger, more tech-savvy and perhaps reluctant readers to give books a shot.
I still believe the biggest issue facing the industry is the simple lack of readers: too many adults read too little, not enough children grow a love of books from an early age. But these are larger picture concerns, ones without tangible solutions. The battle over digital rights will only grow over the next few years as authors, agents and publishers realize just how much is at stake."

--Jason Pinter in the Huffington Post

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