Sunday, April 18, 2010

Masterchef Australia winner Julie Goodwin.


By Julie Goodwin; Random House Australia, A$49.95
 First, a confession: when Central Coast mum Julie Goodwin beat artist Poh Ling Yeow in the final episode of Ten's MasterChef Australia, I threw my remote control at the television. To me, it seemed a victory for dull, old-fashioned fare over creativity and experimentation.

There is no doubt Goodwin is an excellent cook. All the recipes here look tasty but there is not much you haven't tried before. To be fair, Goodwin says as much in her introduction.
It is, she writes, ''a wander through the world of the old and familiar.''
Things get more interesting in later chapters. The slow-roasted pork belly with cider-braised cabbage, and the barbecued lamb leg with fennel and coriander seeds, caught my attention.

Story by Louise Schwartzkoff in the Sydney Morning Herald.

With Masterchef New Zealand in its final weeks I am watching with interest  to see which of the final four contestants proves to be the winner as part of their prize is publication of their cookbook by Random House NZ. Personally I think it is out of the two women left in the field but who knows.....................
The series has been compelling television but I must say the weak link for me is judge Ray McVinnie. What a sourpuss. I cringe every time he speaks. He would make a better funeral director rather than a judge on this programme.
I have a copy of Julie Goodwin's new cookbook and as soon as I have tried a couple of recipes I will be commenting. Suffice to say for now that it is a very handsome production.


kateng said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this book. Followed Masterchef Australia in SOuth Africa...way behind you all, but just loved the program...and loved Julie.

Anonymous said...

Have just watched the finale on TV in South Africa - Julie was a firm favourite of mine from way back. Am THRILLED she won. She deserved it!!

Charmaine said...

I also followed Masterchef Australia in South Africa and was delighted Julie won - a very entertaining show well done Julie (if a little late)

Lorraine said...

I watched the final of Masterchef here in South Africa last night...we are a bit behind, but I was GLUED to our television for almost three monts and almost made a promise to myself that I am not going to fall into that pit again. Why? Just TOO much stress as I am even more passionate than our beloved Julie.
I started cooking playing house at the age of nine years. I received my first aluminium 3-piece kitchen set then- double cooker, coffee perculator, galore!
I tought home ec. and trained future chefs at a college here, and loved my students and work from my heart, that's why I just could not relax for the past months. It was as if I was there myself.
But last night - oh my - I cried my heart out as it was not just suberb commitment from both Poa and Julie, but the plain joy of what they , Julie have accomplished was just too much for this 54 year old teacher. And then Gary's tears. It was awesome because as a judge in a student's kitchen, I know what fears float around and then the joy of seeing them overcome and blooming with creativity and pride as they were mastering skill after skill. Such good stuff!
And to all the younger contestants that are now still carrying on teaching cooking classes, I love you so much! Be sure that I have taped some of the masterclasses to share with my students here in my home as I can just not get away from teaching and sharing my passion.
Julie, I am waiting for your book, as it will definately become part of my cooking classes here in my own kitchen. I wish we could sit down for a good cuppa, one of your lemon cup cakes and talk all the recipes through.
Love u

Pauline said...

I love cooking programmes on TV, but just never thought I would get so addicted to one as I did with MasterChef Australia (Season 1 just completed in South Africa). I recognised Julie as a possible winner about two months ago, but my son said Chris would win, so each week the the series always brought bit of apprehension and tension to our home. I also saw a different side to Australians. I visited Perth, WA in 2007, beautiful city but I thought the Auzzies, although lovely people, were a bit too harsh and unemotional people but MasterChef Australia has changed all that - each contestant cared for one another and judges with tears!!! Lovely stuff! So well deserved Julie, I wept when your "boys" arrived to congratulate you. Hope to find your book on our shelves shortly.

Lollie said...

From the beginning of Ozzie master- chef I have been following Jules and am so proud of her. Well done Jules, I can't wait to get my hands on your recipe book

Anonymous said...

Well done Julie and to all the other contestants. I could feel the tension spreading into my living room, as I sat glued for nearly 3 months as the passion of the contestants produced excellent food, fires and tears. My bet was on Justine, but again Julies book wetted my appetite

Julie said...

My daughter and I watched Master chef Australia without missing a program. If we ever did we caught up with the repeats. It was the most amazing cooking journey. I think all the contestants had something peculiar about their style and presentation.
My favourite however was Julie not only because of her name but because of her heart. If you go back to all her comments you will notice that she is a very honest, motherly, loving, unselfish and caring human being.She is a very real woman who is not afraid express her both her joys and her frustration. About Gary and Joy they are just adorable. Their rapport with the students is amazing. I'd love to meet them someday. Julie I can't wait for the cookbook.
Love Julie Ramiah
Durban South Africa

Ingrid Petersson said...

Hi from Stockholm, Sweden.

We had the Masterchef Australia's finale programs last week. I'm so thrilled that it was Julie who won
and I wish her all the best with the cook book and her new life. I liked the judges and the competitors. I didn't know about the N.Z Masterchef. Hopefully it will come here too.
Best regards,
Ingrid Petersson

Anonymous said...

Deligthed that Julie won, she seems to be a very sincere person and I loved her quipping at the judges when they did their final masterchef with ingredients picked by Poe and herself. I personally thought Chris and Justine would be in the final, but there you go_
Donna, Norway