Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Roundwith PW

New Rushdie, Two Grishams from RH This Year
Random House will publish Salman Rushdie's 'The Golden House' in September and Doubleday will release John Grisham novels in June and October.
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G. Willow Wilson Reflects on Margaret Atwood and 'Angel Catbird'
Celebrated comics writer G. Willow Wilson pays tribute to literary icon Margaret Atwood and her geeky love of superhero comics, and to Volume 2 of Atwood's delightful superhero graphic novel, 'Angel Catbird.'
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Is My Novel Offensive?: How “sensitivity readers” are changing the publishing ecosystem—and raising new questions about what makes a great book.

Blink-182 Guitarist Pens UFO Book: Tom DeLonge's forthcoming nonfiction book, 'Sekret Machines: Gods,' is "designed to shake people up."

Pitfalls for the Political Author: The year’s political upheavals have contributed to an intensifying politicization of the literary world.

20 Translators Under 40: Culture Trip presents 20 translators from an emerging generation helping to keep the art form alive and thriving.

Book Buying for the President: It’s been more or less proven that Donald Trump doesn’t read—so in lieu of sending books to him in protest, why not try donating?


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