Friday, February 24, 2017

The Roundup with PW

Armando Correa’s Debut Novel Seized In Cuba
Despite high praise from American and Cuban participants in this year's U.S. Publishing Mission to the Havana Book Fair, the event was marred by the confiscation of Armando Correa's debut novel, 'The German Girl,' by Cuban authorities. more »

Melville House Partners with Indie Bookseller on Obama Book
After teaming up with the Harvard Bookstore, Melville House will publish the farewell speeches of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama in trade paperback on March 28.
more »

The L.A. Times Book Prize Finalists: The nominees include some of the most talked about titles of 2016, including Zadie Smith's 'Swing Time' and Rep. John Lewis's 'March: Book Three.'

The Rise of Roxane Gay: A career decades in the making, Gay's current status as a literary rock star looks more sudden than it is.

Milo's Deal Hurts Right-Wing Publishing: Why Milo Yiannopoulos’s canceled book deal isn’t a moral win for conservative publishing imprints like Threshold Editions.

Poet Thomas Lux Dies At 70: Lux, a poet who used spare, direct language to express the absurdities and sorrows of human life, died on Feb. 5 at his home in Atlanta.

Seven Fictional Planets: Yesterday, NASA announced the discovery of a system of seven Earth-size planets. What if they were these seven planets from literature?


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