Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kids' books for 2017

Sharks,  Mazes and Tiny Winged Horses: Kids' books for 2017   - The Read, Booksellers NZ

Children’s book publishing is where the action is right now. We’ve seen Virago open out its Virago Kids imprint, Lonely Planet’s Kids imprint grow and grow, and on the local front, the enlargement of children’s lists for the likes of Potton & Burton and Makaro Press. We’re also seeing a few more first-time authors being picked up by both larger and independent publishers, which is incredibly important for the health of the market.

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This week in The Read we’re going to tell you about the children’s books that our publishers are most excited about showing the world in 2017. We have comments from Scholastic NZ, Chris Zeiher from Lonely Planet Books, Sally Hogg from Potton & Burton, Mary McCallum from Makaro Press, Siobhan Clare from Penguin Random NZ, Sandra Noakes from HarperCollins NZ, and Julia Marshall from Gecko Press. 
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