Monday, September 05, 2016

Ian Rankin's reading suggestions.................

Ian’s summer reading choices were featured in the Observer recently, these are the ones he picked out:
‘Abir Mukherjee’s A Rising Man (Vintage £12.99) is a whodunnit set in the social and political tinderbox of 1919 Calcutta – a thought-provoking rollercoaster.
Steve Cavanagh’s The Plea (Orion £12.99) is a rip-roaring legal thriller set in the US. Twisty, bloody and convincing.
Lucy Ribchester’s The Amber Shadows (Simon & Schuster £7.99) is a spooky and complex psychological thriller set in Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Atmospheric and engaging.
I’ll be in Greece, New York, and Cromarty rereading one of my favourite novels, Bleak House (Penguin £8.99). I also plan to have a go at my teetering to-be-read pile, including Sarah Hilary’s Tastes Like Fear (Headline £7.99), Louise Doughty’s Black Water (Faber £12.99) and Oliver Harris’s The House of Fame (Vintage £12.99) – three tremendous and reliable novelists.’

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