Monday, September 05, 2016

Best of the week from LitHub

·         A preview of fall books coming out from independent presses, including Graywolf, New Directions, and others. | Publishers Weekly

·         Welcome to Oliver Sacks Night, Dr. Sacks: Bill Hayes on attending a gay bar’s night honoring his partner. | The New York Times Sunday Book Review

·         “I think it’s important for the young people who still live in Harlem to know that in their own neighborhood, blocks away from where they’re playing basketball… that a literary giant lived there.” On potentially transforming Langston Hughes’ home into an art center. | NPR

·         “People are always trying to push me off the literary scene, and to hell with it.” A profile of Ursula Le Guin on the occasion of her publication by the Library of America. | The New York Times

·         Eimear McBride on deciding she was a writer, the impact of her acting training on her craft, and dealing with James Joyce comparisons. | The Guardian

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