Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Roundup with PW

If It Isn't Great, It Isn't Dinner: PW Talks with Ina Garten
For her 10th cookbook, Ina Garten gets personal, gathering recipes for her husband of nearly 50 years, Jeffrey Garten, in 'Cooking for Jeffrey.'
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#1000BlackGirlBooks: Marley Dias, the 11-year-old founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks, has created a mini-magazine, to launch tomorrow.

Carla Hayden Takes Charge: A profile of the new Librarian of Congress, now charged with managing the world's largest library.

Joyce Carol Oates, Interviewed: One of America's most prolific writers talks about great editors, bad reviews, and the Internet.

Pullman Pulls for E.U. Royalty Plans: Philip Pullman has appealed for E.U. directive to be introduced in Britain, to help authors make a living.

Atlas Obscura Tours Manhattan: Dylan Thuras, co-founder of the travel website, shows NPR hidden wonders in a well-trodden place.

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