Friday, September 30, 2016

Wellington Book Launch Invitation


Unity Books and Escalator Press warmly invites you to the launch of

"A clever story about the seductive power of surveillance ... until it goes wrong. Thought-provoking and well written."
– Nicky Hager
We were supposed to be the good guys.
We did the right thing.
At first ...
Escalator Press are proud to present their first young adult novel, Like Nobody's Watching, written by Wellington author L. J. Ritchie. Ritchie shares the moral journey of a Wellington teenage hacker who uses his school’s surveillance system to seek justice for the bullied and the downtrodden. But the power the cameras provide is too great, and the line between protection and judgement becomes blurred. How do you go from cyber vigilante to cyber villain, when those around you turn their screens against you?
57 Willis Street, Wellington 6011
04 499

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