Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Adult Coloring Books Lead Bestselling Categories of 2016
The boom in adult coloring books is still going strong, and sales have driven growth in several categories so far in 2016.
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How to Work at the Strand: Want to work in 18 miles of books? You'd better be able to prove your mastery of the literary canon.

'Calvin and Hobbes' is Great Literature: Bill Watterson's masterful newspaper comic endures as literature and art...because it is both.

America Needs Its Indies: As books from major publishers get bigger and pricier, smaller houses are taking risks on more experimental works.

Vonnegut Gives Advice to the Future: In 1988, Kurt Vonnegut wrote a letter to people living in 2088, giving them seven pieces of wisdom.

The Truth of Historical Fiction: How historical fiction does what history textbooks do not—"makes a better job of the truth."

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