Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The New Torchlight List

After the resounding success of his 2010 Awa Press book The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books, Jim Flynn decided to focus his piercing eye on modern authors, novelists in particular. He threw himself into the task, reading 400 books in five years.

The result is The New Torchlight List: In search of the best modern authors, a brilliant and often eyebrow-raising look at today’s writers, delivered in Flynn’s usual unflinching style. Readers will be shocked, surprised, delighted and sometimes enraged by his audacious opinions.

They will also be inspired to try new authors – including ones in translation – and read new work by authors they have loved in the past. 


'Life is too short to read second-rate novels. In the ocean of
contemporary fiction, Jim Flynn has filtered out the pearls for you.'

Rolf Dobelli, author of The Art of Thinking Clearly

Release: 12 August 2016 
ISBN: 978-1-927249-44-4

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