Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Republicans Blocking Librarian of Congress Vote
Republicans in the Senate have placed an anonymous hold on President Obama's nomination of Carla Hayden to serve as the nation’s 14th Librarian of Congress, indefinitely delaying her final confirmation vote.
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New Pokémon Game Takes Bookstores By Storm
The sudden popularity of the smartphone video game Pokémon Go is sending people into bookstores and, in some cases, driving up sales at those stores.
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The 'Sunday Times' EFG Short Story Award Opens for Submissions
The award is open to any novelist or short story writer from around the world who is published in the U.K., and comes with £30,000 for the winning author.

Saddam Hussein Novella Coming Soon: The novella was completed on the eve of the 2003 invasion, and this is not a parody.

Amazon's Not So Prime Day: Amazon's checkout process appeared to be experiencing problems, preventing customers from buying items on Prime Day.

Lost My Name Lays Off Staff: The publishing startup has laid off nine members of its staff as part of plans to improve performance and invest more money in the product.

What to Read on a Long Hike: How to pare one's pack weight down to a minimum but maintain access to literature.

Jonah Lehrer Is Not a Crook: Some are skeptical that Lehrer has changed after a plagiarism scandal, but the author is adamant that his remorse is real.


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