Thursday, July 07, 2016

Secondhand Souls

A review from Jules Older:

Secondhand Souls

23460830When you're gloomy, feeling low, ready to snap at the kids or kick the cat, I've got just the cure.

Pick up a book by Christopher Moore. Then hide away from the kids, the cat, whatever else is bringing on the blues. And start reading.

Or, if you're in the car, start being read to. Fluke, one of Moore’s early novels, may be the most delightful audiobook I've ever heard.

And now, Christopher Moore has a new book, Secondhand Souls. It’s not exactly a sequel, more a continuation of the bizarre story that began in Dirty Job. Both books are set on (and under) the streets of San Francisco. Both are politically incorrect. Both involve demons, death collectors, Celtic death goddesses, a pair of hellhounds, and Charlie Asher, a Beta Male: “the kind of fellow who makes his way through life by being careful and constant — you know, the one who’s always there to pick up the pieces when the girl gets dumped by the bigger/taller/stronger Alpha Male.”

One thing I love about Secondhand Souls and all Moore’s books — they're so funny, in part, because they're so well researched. Here, the research focuses on Buddhism and San Francisco. I don't know too much about the former, but he gets San Francisco dead right, from painting the Golden Gate Bridge to competitive shopping in Chinatown.

Christopher Moore is the master of research and the king of hilarity. And a sure cure for the blues.
Jules Older

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