Photo credit: TASCHEN
This week, Barnes & Noble NE -1.90% announced they would be opening a beauty bar at certain B&N locations. No doubt the move is to innovate the B&N book buying experience, or expand ways to diversify Barnes & Noble real estate.

Thanks to competition from online shopping, product mix-matching (like books and beauty) is not as unusual as it once might have been. Streetsmart retailers in San Francisco, Minneapolis and Brooklyn combine wares like leather goods, watches, candles, accessories, letterpress, hipster furniture companies plus baristas in cheerfully wonderful ways.
But what if you just want a book? What if you want to buy a beautiful book? What if you want a beautiful book experience?

Well, you can go to TASCHEN.

Founded in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen, TASCHEN started by publishing comic books but later evolved with a series of pocket-sized art books. TASCHEN’s origins democratized the serious art world with books that were conveniently inexpensive art collections that fit as easily into your bag as your bookshelf.