Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First novel from Cambridge writer

Eleanore has lived an extraordinary life. Now, at 101, she faces her own mortality and she must decide whether she should finally share with her beloved granddaughter Isla a secret she has kept for 70 years.
Isla has been jolted by her grandmother’s recent illness. Eleanore has been both mother and grandmother to her, and she realises she has been so caught up in work that she has neglected the most important person in her life. But where is her life going anyway? How she can be so decisive and successful as an environmental lawyer and so utterly hopeless with men?
Isla’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is handed a mystery to solve. Armed with the sketchiest of clues she finds herself on a plane heading for Ireland and Scotland. In unravelling Eleanore’s past, will Isla find her future — or will time work against her?
An intriguing story of the special bond between grandmother and granddaughter, and how their lives have been shaped by tumultuous mother-daughter relationships.

A love story is perhaps how you can best describe the novel, perhaps two love stories? Set in Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand.

About the author:
Megan lives in Cambridge, New Zealand.
Eleanore is her first novel. She was inspired to create the characters and story whilst doing some family research. After working for almost twenty years in human resources, Megan is now working part-time to concentrate more on her second novel
The author self-published Eleanore.  It is available in paperback from her or from Cambridge Paper Plus, or in a Kindle edition via Amazon.

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