Saturday, July 09, 2016

Best-selling "The New Zealand Book" is back in print

There is something about this illustrated snapshot of life in NZ that locals and visitors seem to love.

 ‘The NZ Book’ is a quirky celebration of all things Kiwi, from people and places to pests and celebrity animals.

Since it first appeared in 2012, the 140pp hand drawn and hand lettered book, has sold in the thousands to Kiwis and travellers all over the world.

Now due to popular demand, publishers FitzBeck Creative have reprinted edition number 3.

 The book is the brainchild of Mike Fitzsimons and Nigel Beckford of Fitzbeck Creative. They worked with illustrators Jess Lunnon and Sandi MacKechnie to capture ‘the NZ your camera can’t’, using all the wit, colour and imagination they could muster.

“We’ve been staggered by the number of people who have made contact from around the world to buy this book,” says Fitzsimons. “One business owner in Hamburg got in touch to order 250 –  a copy for all his staff!”

“This book was a real labour of love and it’s nice to see all that hard work and creativity finally rewarded. Prints from the book have also proved very popular with travellers,” says Beckford. “The book’s journey to market has been interesting and varied - it has sold strongly in indie bookstores, galleries, museums, gift stores and online. It seems to be a book for all occasions.”

Mike and Nigel also published the best-selling ‘Wellington Book’ and ‘Auckland Book’.

They have just completed a new illustrated pocket book about life in Wellington which is due out later in the year.



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