Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Blackbird Sings at Dusk

A compelling novel about friendship, identity and love.

Penguin Books - $38.00

About the author:
Linda Olsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1948. She graduated from the University of Stockholm with a law degree, and worked in law and finance until she left Sweden in 1986. What was intended as a three-year posting to Kenya then became a meandering tour of the world with stops in Singapore, the UK and Japan, until she settled in New Zealand with her family. 
Linda's first novel Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs was published in New Zealand in 2005 and became an international success, selling hundreds of thousands of copies in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States. It was followed by the heart-breaking and moving Sonata for Miriam, also a bestseller in Scandinavia.

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Linda said...

Amazing review in The Sunday Times today. I don't think I have ever had such a beautifully written review.

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden, where my fifth novel 'A sister in my house' is No. 6 on the chart.

A strange experience having one novel released at one end of the earth, and another on the other end.

But life is kind. It really is.