Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly News from Literary Hub

From Literary Hub:

·         On Don DeLillo’s later fiction, which is “rich, chewy and best consumed in small mouthfuls.” | The Guardian

·         Sarah Nicole Prickett and Gary Indiana discuss LA’s more glamorous secrets, people who read Atlas Shrugged when they’re twelve, and sexy serial killers. | Bookforum

·         Yellow is the new black: On the rise of “brighter, bolder” book covers, for which Amazon may be (is probably) to blame. | Wall Street Journal

·         “[W]here Ulysses swells with linguistic inventiveness and gleeful experimentation, Portrait swells with … well, what? Mood.” Karl Ove Knausgaard recalls first reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in honor of its 100th anniversary. | The New York Times

·         “I knew what it was like to encounter the miniature and wish to have it for yourself.” Kaitlyn Greenidge on diminutive tacos, dollhouses, and desiring the unattainable. | Lenny Letter

·         “I scanned them really quickly and thought, Holy shit, these are good.” On the discovery of 3 complete short stories by Raymond Carver 10 years after his death. | Esquire Classics

·         In honor of Short Story Month, stories by Alexandra Kleeman, Lauren Groff, Garth Greenwell, and 14 others. | Huffington Post

·         Tony Tulathimutte on the “nine-month war of attrition to secure the original title of [his] book.”| The Paris Review

·         “Parenthood is not the enemy of anything; it’s the condition without which none of us would exist.” Rumaan Alam on being a writer and a father. | BuzzFeed
Santiago Lyon is the last in a series of profiles of photojournalists, who bear witness to war and catastrophe on our behalf. | The Globe & Mail

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