Monday, May 09, 2016


Siberian-born poet Polina Kouzminova launches her debut poetry collection An echo where you lie ($25) in late May in Wellington. Migrating to New Zealand at the age of ten, she says she spent her childhood playing the violin, exploring Auckland’s beaches and writing diaries. That interest in writing led to Polina exploring both fiction and poetry, and resulted in the publication of her book.

Polina lives in Wellington and works for central government.  Her book is published by Wellington’s Mākaro Press, which also produces the Hoopla poetry series.

Editor Justyna Zonko says she was drawn to Polina’s poetry because of its lyricism and the way she weaves the threads of two cultures together in her writing. Justyna herself is of Polish descent. ‘I think this book is very different from many other New Zealand collections out there at the moment due to Polina’s Russian heritage. She is certainly a new voice on the poetry stage.’

Polina (right) was looking for a publisher when her friend, artist Charlotte Handy, put her in touch with Mākaro Press. The book features Charlotte’s painting How I Wonder on the cover.

An echo where you lie is a collection of poems that echo not only each other, but also the poet’s reflections on the lover who leaves, the family she’s left behind and the universe that is waiting for her. Polina’s world shimmers with snowflakes, glaciers and condensation on glass, and there is always a sense of missing. She writes: ‘These are the reasons to leave late nights and fly back home’.

Dame Fiona Kidman will launch An echo where you lie on 29 May at Meow café in Wellington, 3pm. All welcome.

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