Thursday, May 05, 2016

Journal thought to be from Napoleonic Wars found in Hobart second-hand bookshop

 May 4 2016 -


The journal includes hand-drawn diagrams of tunnels and battle plans.
A journal that may date from the Napoleonic Wars has been found buried in a pile of old books in a Hobart second-hand store.

The journal was written by John Squire, a British army officer who served with the Duke of Wellington between 1810 and 1812 during the Peninsular War.
Richard Sprent, co-owner of Cracked And Spineless bookshop, said he had no idea the journal was there until he let a customer rummage through a storage cabinet.

"It was actually buried in the shop in one of the little corners that we hadn't looked at for a long time," he told  radio station 936 ABC Hobart.   MORE

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