Thursday, May 19, 2016

Carole Beu from The Women's Bookshop writes:

I was fascinated to read the following on your blog this morning –

This year, for the first time, Nielsen BookScan will track sales at leading literary events Hay Festival (26th May – 5th June) and Edinburgh International Book Festival (13th – 29th August).

The Auckland Writers Festival Bookshop (jointly run by The Women’s Bookshop & Unity Books Auckland) is ahead of the play!
Our sales figures were tracked by Nielsen BookScan this year for the first time – and we are FIRST, because Hay happens next week & Edinburgh happens in August!

It was costly, and took a huge amount of time & effort, to set up 12 computers at the Aotea Centre with stock-control systems linked to Nielsen – but it so worth it.
The Nielsen figures have just come through for last week and ALL the titles on the Indies Top Twenty are Auckland Writers Festival titles.
Sunday’s sales figures will come through next Thursday.

Thought it might be good to let everyone know via your blog.

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