Friday, May 06, 2016

Bookseller as 'Therapist of Inspiration'

Shelf Awareness

"Booksellers do not deal with the emergencies of emergency room nurses, doctors and EMTs. Booksellers do not provide the therapy of speech pathologists or psychologists, and we definitely do not give massages. Booksellers do not go home with the existential exhaustion of school teachers, police officers, lawyers, and policy makers.

"Instead, we are here seven days a week for all of your happy emergencies of inspiration. When you are not arguing legislation, testing water samples, planning units and climbing scaffolding, we will ride with you through your exhilaration about discovering Greg Iles for the first time. We will guide you towards private forays in the foreign fiction section with writers like Roberto Bolaño and Elena Ferrante."

--Lemuria Books, Jackson, Miss., in a blog post headlined "Whitney Gilchrist on being a therapist of inspiration (a.k.a. a bookseller)"

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