Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Scandalous Lives of Famous Authors, In Fiction


The food writer and memoirist M.F.K. Fisher seduces her husband’s Al best friend after a sumptuous dinner that she claims to have invited her husband to, but never really did — leading to a painful, years-long “arrangement” between the three.

True crime novelist Truman Capote exposes the scandals lurking behind in the picture-perfect marriages of his rich and famous confidantes in the pages of a thinly-veiled short story — resulting in his expulsion from high society New York while breaking the heart of Babe Paley, his best friend in this fast and monied crowd who has been particularly exposed by his fiction.

Painter Vanessa Bell grows resentful of her own husband’s emotional infatuation with her sister, the unstable but brilliant novelist Virginia Woolf. So  she starts an affair with art critic Roger Fry, a self-affirming act of independence that creates a frisson between the sisters and the spouses both.

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