Monday, February 22, 2016

Radio NZ National - Earthquakes & Butterflies 10.45am daily Feb 22 - 26

Kathleen Gallagher advises:

My book "Earthquakes & Butterflies"  will be playing on Radio NZ National at 10.45 am every morning
from Monday 22 February to Friday 26 February, and as a podcast, for the fifth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquakes.

I will be reading from "Earthquakes & Butterflies"  at the Bloom Festival in the Canterbury Musem, Christchurch, on Sunday 28 February 2.00 -3.00pm.

"Earthquakes & Butterflies" by Kathleen Gallagher is a photographic journal and a novel following seven characters-
Hone, Kara, Pieter, Kay, Hemi, Helena, Tess - as they navigate their way through the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquakes.

"While buildings shake to pieces and the land breaks open we are led on  journey through time,inside the reaches of the world of spirit, into the domain of healing." Fr John Weir NZ Writer

"This is surely one of the finest pieces of writing to come out of the Canterbury earthquakes." Jane Hole Tui Motu Dunedin NZ

"This book is a multi-voiced subtle taonga. The italicised voice mixes the expressionistic and scientific,
moving from a mood of devastation to one of hope, a beautiful mahi." James George NZ writer

"Earthquakes & Butterflies" is available at Scorpio Bookshops, Canterbury Museum Shop, Little River Gallery, Simply Gifts Christchurch Airport,
Blackmore's Bookshop Nelson, Unity Books Wellington, University Bookshop Dunedin, Women's Bookshop Auckland, Bruce's Bookshop Palmerston North

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