Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final Umberto Eco book publication pushed forward after author's death

Pape Satàn Aleppe: Chronicles of a Liquid Society is a collection of essays that was originally set to be published in May 2016

Italian novelist and theorist Umberto Eco.
Novelist, semiotician, philosopher, essayist, literary critic... Umberto Eco, who died on 19 February, aged 84. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian
The release date of the final book by the Italian novelist Umberto Eco, who died on 19 February, has been pushed forward from May 2016 to come out this weekend in Italian.

Eco’s publisher La Nave di Teseo is a new publishing house that formed because notable writers, including Eco, feared the creation of a monopoly in Italian publishing after publishing company Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, owned by the family of former Italian prime minister and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi, bought book publisher RCS Libri in 2015. Eco personally donated €2m to help fund La Nave di Teseo, while Arnoldo Mondadori Editore now has a market share of around 38% of book publishing in Italy

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